Thursday, January 24, 2008

IARIA is also bogus? I received this STRANGE SPAM from IARIA

I received this STRANGE SPAM

January 2008 IARIA Newsletter,

A few things have been updated on the IARIA site:
- Photos and Best Papers from SENSORCOMM 2007 and SECURWARE 2007 held in Spain are now posted.
- Photos and Best Papers from UBICOMM 2007, SEMAPRO 2007, and ADVCOMP 2007 held in Tahiti are now posted

We have changed the paper submission system that we use. The new one (SODA - Simple Online Document Approval) is more user friendly both from the author and the administrative perspective. On top of that, we work very close with the developers and can easily have new features added in a very timely manner. Give it a try and feel free to email me with your comments or requests.

Accepting submissions now are AICT 2008 and ICIW 2008 (which also includes the SLAECE 2008 and VEWAeL 2008 workshops). There is also a one page announcement for all these colocated events, as well as some photos relevant to the specific location of the events. The deadline for submission is January 20, 2008.

It is worth noting that starting with 2008 conferences, IARIA will be inviting authors of selected papers to publish extended versions in specialized journals.

Links to the most recently updated sections of the site can be found at:

Feel free to invite your friends to subscribe to IARIA News. The sign-up page is:

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Anonymous said...

The worst of all is that IARIA is child of IEEE and publishes numerous of junk in their stupid conferences